Bruce Lee, Economy of Motion, and the Illusion of Speed

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Don’t get me wrong: there is plenty of evidence that Bruce Lee really did have fast hands. However, physical speed was not the only thing going on there. In fact, speed isn’t always the best thing. Have you ever seen a Wing Chun practitioner doing a straight blast? Well, the fast chain of punches might seem impressive, but those blows don’t add up to much damage. Why? Because physics teaches us, “Force = Mass x Acceleration.” If the only part of your body that moves during the straight blast is your hands…well, that’s not very much mass, is it?

Anyway, I digress. Economy of motion is much more important than speed. Bruce Lee knew that. Think about it: let’s say your hand is on your chest, and someone draws their hand way back to deliver a punch. Wouldn’t it be better if your hand went straight from your chest to their face? Yes, it might not have as much force, but when trained properly, it can have ENOUGH to stop the wind-up foe in their tracks. We explore this idea further in the video.

~~~Steve Grogan

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Hitting With Body Weight: Does That Mean I Should STAY Fat???

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: To hit with power, you can’t hit with just your arms. After all, they don’t make up a large portion of your body, do they? Of course not.

Instead, we need to take a note from a boxer like Jack Dempsey, who developed a jab that could knock people out by putting his full body weight into it. But wait a minute: if hitting with body weight is important, then that would mean having MORE weight would mean a harder hit.

So does this mean that we should stay fat instead of losing weight and being healthy? No, I would never suggest that. However, the question then becomes: if we don’t have as much weight, then how do we still hit hard?

I explore that inquiry in this video.

~~~Steve Grogan

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Punch With Your Elbow, Kick With Your Knee

New Tuesday, new video!

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: How do Wing Chun practitioners get so much power out of short-range punches and kicks? The answer lies in the focus of our techniques. Rather than think about the hand or foot, focus on the elbow and knee. Watch the video, and you will get some useful tips on how to increase your “whipping” power. ~~~Steve Grogan

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Fightin’ Words #34: Today We Ask the Question – “How Useful is Broken Rhythm Training?”

For those of you unfamiliar with the “Fightin’ Words” series from my YouTube channel, I will explain:

It seems like any time you post a video or blog where you express your opinion on it, someone out there (who you most likely have never met) gets mad, as if you posted YOUR opinion to challenge THEIRS.

Therefore, any video that expresses an opinion goes under the “Fightin’ Words” playlist.

Now, with that explained, let’s get to today’s video! A description is below the video, but remember: this is a DESCRIPTION, not a full-blown transcript. To find out exactly what I say, you will still have to watch the video.



ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Bruce Lee was a major proponent of using broken rhythm in combat. He always said a martial artist is not a machine; they are human beings, fluid and alive. They shouldn’t perform techniques in a predictable pattern, as if they were executing them to a metronome.

However, in the reality of a street fight, how important is it to be a master of broken rhythm? Many sources say the average length of a street fight is 8-10 seconds. One of Bruce’s contemporaries, Sammo Hung (who plays the big guy Bruce fights in the beginning of ENTER THE DRAGON), said, “Real fighting is different than movie fighting. In real fighting, the winner is decided in the first three seconds…very, very quickly.” Sammo’s estimate gives you even LESS time than what most sources say.

With this in mind, how much attention should you even give to broken rhythm training? After all, 8-10 seconds is hardly enough time to even develop a rhythm, let alone turn around and break it! Watch the video and explore this idea with me.

~~~Steve Grogan

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Thoughts on Sleep and Insomnia

Hello, everyone! I’m starting a new practice of posting a new video every Tuesday morning and sharing throughout the day! Check out the first one:

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Help Us Reach 100 Subscribers on YouTube!!!!!

Yes, yes, I know…it has been AGES since I have posted on here. A lot has changed, and I will gladly start to let reports of what those changes have been trickle out to you. However, before that can happen, I need to address the issue that made me come out of retirement in the first place: the customization of our YouTube URL.

Geek Wing Chun Inc. has a live YouTube channel. However, if you were to look at the end of the address past the “.com” part, you would see a bunch of gibberish. Obviously, that is no good for brand building. We want it to say “.com/geekwingchuninc,” but there are several hoops we must go through to get there.

First hoop? The account must be older than 30 days. Check.

Second, it must have a profile picture and background art. Those are in the works.

Third, and the biggest pain of all, it must have ONE HUNDRED SUBSCRIBERS!!!

Well, now ain’t that a kick in the nuts? However, with some effort, this won’t be too hard to achieve. All I need is for you, my dear audience, to go to our YouTube channel and click the red “subscribe” button.


There will be another announcement when our goal has been reached. Thanks to all who click away!


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Training Notes

I have still been training. However, I have not had much time to post about it.

This past Sunday, I went back to my first Wing Chun gathering in a long time. It was great, and I learned a lot about where I should aim my focus when it comes to Chi Sao. One big thing is learning to “drop the bridge.” This is kind of hard to explain using just words, so all I will say is that it’s a technique where you keep bringing your opponent’s hands down.

Another thing I realized is I tend to focus on one hand or the other while leaving the other hand “dead.” I need to work on that too. The only way to get there is practice.

Other than that, I am about halfway through the second month of 10 Minute Trainer. I am anxious to move on to 22 Minutes Hard Corps because I have not done it yet, and it looks like it really will push things to the next level. Well, I will be able to find that out in about 2-3 weeks! In the meantime, I will keep doing my forms, weekly challenges, 10 Minute Trainer, and of course eating right.

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